Primitivo Riserva DOC Gioia del Colle

Type: DOC Gioia del Colle, Riserva
Colour: Dark ruby red verging to purple
Bouquet: Crisp, rich and complex bouquet with a hint of flowers and red mature fruit, delicate spicy, keeps intense and elegant perfumes of the terroir
Taste: Full-bodied, velvety, harmonic attesting smell sensations
Alcohol: 15%
Served at: 18-20°C
Best with: Roast red meat, salami, game, seasoned cheese, dry fruit

Grapevine: 100% Primitivo of Gioia del Colle
Provenance: Gioia del Colle (BA) Puglia
Soil: calcareous, clayey, rich in minerals and fossils.
Altitude: about 400 metres above sea level.
Growing method: on trellises-freestanding system with vine planting ranging from 4000 to 5000 per hectare, more than 15 years of age and an output of 1-2 Kg per vine plant.
No pesticide, no herbicide and no chemicals are used in vineyard.
Climate: mild winters, dry and fairly rainy springs, hot summers with high thermic excursions.
Grape-harvest: by hand in little boxes early in the morning, at the best phenolic ripening, in first half of September.
Wine-making: after pressed and picked from the bunch the grapes are cooled at 5-8° C for 24 hours. It follows the fermentation with selected native yeasts. The low temperature (24-28°C) starts the slow fermentation for about 10-20 days. This method exalts the different characteristics of the grapevine. It follows the malolactic fermentation for the balance of the harmonic tasting.
Ripening period: in steel tanks for 2-3 years, than 6-12 months in French oak barrels and in bottle for about 6-12 months.
Bottling: filtering the wine with no stabilization. Bottled in 75cl. dark green cone-shaped Borgogne bottles, 6 bottles per box, natural cork